Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rother Valley Sprint Triathlon

Hoorah! First open water swim triathlon under my belt :-) To be honest, it was really nerve wracking. I was worried about getting eaten alive in the carnage of the swim start, so I stayed well back. By well back I mean at least a foot back from the whole group! Luckily it wasn't a big wave, or it didn't seem it. When I started I still ended up seemingly surrounded, which I suspect was due to the people in front being too closely packed together so I set off when some of them were still waiting to start. I didn't get kicked in the head, thankfully, but had a couple of sideways crashes where we just seemed to bounce off each other! Then most people got ahead and I got into plodding rhythm, only disturbed by my crap sighting which threw me off balance. It was a simple triangle swim: Straight out, left, straight on, left, back in. I'm glad I had some open water practice, and I knew I could do the distance, so after the start was out of the way (the only bit I wasn't familiar with) I felt I could plod round, which I did. It felt like it took forever! I was really surprised it was under twenty minutes. I wasn't last in my wave but I was overtaken by a few people from the wave after. Still, I did it! The funny thing was it has taken me ages to faff about with my wetsuit when I've been for a swim, but I whipped it straight off in T1! 

On a separate note, turns out my cycling sucks to high heaven. I feel my run is fine (thanks running buddy), and even my swim is coming along. The swim is known for being technical and there are lots of bits to learn with it, but the bike? What can I do? I asked my friend and excellent triathlete, and his advice was "more hills"! 

Anyway, you learn something every race. Well chuffed with it. Hope there's some event pics somewhere!

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